The Art of Wine-Growing

Bill Hill (our Founder, Proprietor & Winegrower) believes that to make the best possible wine, it is essential to source from a vineyard with near ideal climates and soils.  The vineyard must be developed in a state-of-the-art fashion in every way.  From varietal selection, to plant material selection, to soil preparation, to infrastructure such as trellis choices, all of these things must be optimized.  Likewise, the vineyard so created must then farmed meticulously, following practices that are known to result in high wine quality.  All good wine makers know that the potential character of the wine is largely determined by the time the fruit is harvested.  Great winemakers spend a lot of time in the vineyard.

As if that is not enough, Bill contends that to make the best wine, one must then do everything in the cellar with the same tenacious dedication to perfection that was evoked in the farming.  In other words, Bill believes that to make the best possible wine one must start with the great vineyard and then do everything else right!

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